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MG, which has been producing classic British cars for more than 90 years, has a history full of records, awards, and achievements

Challenging the traditional rules of the automotive market, MG combines its century-old engineering experience with the superior EV (Electric vehicle) technology and offers high-performance cars with the assurance of Doğan Trend Automotive, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding in Turkey as of 2021.

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History of the brand

1924 - 1927

1927 - 1952

1952 - 1962

1962 - 1980

1980 - 1990

1990 - 2009

2009 -


MG produced its first vehicle, MG 14/28, with its octagonal logo to guide the future.


MG, which dominated all races held during this period, won the races in Italy, Germany, and Monaco, as well as the "Irish Grand Prix", "Isle of Man's Tourer's Trophy", and "The Ulster TT".

MG finished first in the famous Mille Miglia race, which used to be won by Italian brands throughout his history and achieved another first. The K3 Magnette model became the winner of its class and reinforced MG's position in the motorsport world.


MG EX120 "The Magic Midget" (750 cc) reached a speed of 140 km/h and broke the land speed record.


The EX 135 reached 331km/h and added another record in history.


The legendary British racing driver Sir Striling Moss achieved a land speed record with the MG EX181. MG EX181 was nicknamed "Roaring Raindrop" following the record-breaking in Salt Flats (USA). It broke the previous record and reached 20% more speed. (395 km/h)


The MGB roadster, the best-selling MG model of all time, was launched in 1962. This model, called the first modern MG, was the first car to use the single body structure. The model gained great acclaim in the US market and remained in production until 1980.


One of the first sports hatchbacks, the MG Metro 1300, was released. Contrary to concerns that this style may be slightly different from the traditional sports car market, it was a remarkable success. It proved the interest and love for the MG brand. The success of this model opened the doors to the production of MG Metro Turbo.


MG, who always follows the action, has not missed the excitement of the rally as well. The brand decided to participate in the races in the Group B. That is how the 410-horsepower Metro 6R4 with the V6 3.0 engine was born, and it has earned itself a rightful place in this legends category.


There was great excitement when MG's MGF model was launched, which stood out for its innovative engine and gas suspension. The vehicle met expectations and soon after its introduction became one of MG's best-selling models.


MG celebrated its 90th anniversary with an extraordinary ceremony at Silverstone. In 2012, the brand returned to the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) and won the championship after finishing in the third place twice (2012-2013).


Today, the MG brand has been offered for sale in more than 30 countries, including the UK, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and Australia.


Fascinated by its design, the E-Motion features an internet-compatible infotainment system built entirely on an electric, modular architecture. This new generation electric car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds and has a range of over 500 km.


MG took its place in Turkey in January 2021 with the assurance of Doğan Trend Automotive. The MG ZS EV, the first model introduced in Turkey, is designed for drivers who want to have a stylish SUV and benefit from all the advantages of a vehicle with zero exhaust emissions.

We are MG. We have a rich and brave history full of success...

The future will be even more exciting.