It is the flexible rental model that Doğan Trend Automotive launched in 2020 for Suzuki cars. Making traditional car rental methods more comfortable and flexible, “SUZUKIsenin” paves the way for consumers to rent a car for as long as they need, thanks to the membership model it offers. Users who are members of SUZUKIsenin can rent a used or brand new Suzuki car for 1 to 36 months. SUZUKIsenin members, who can unconditionally terminate the rental at any time during this period, are exempt from troublesome expenses such as taxes and maintenance; It can also have services such as 24/7 roadside assistance and emergency support free of charge. In the application of SUZUKI, where all rental processes are carried out in accordance with hygiene conditions, delivery to address and return from address service are among the other services offered. Developed especially for the increasing individual mobility needs and demands under pandemic conditions, the Suzukisenin application stands out as a result of Doğan Trend Automotive's fast and determined actions towards consumer needs.

You can find detailed information about our SUZUKI services on our website